Saturday, October 26, 2013

Walking {Through} Trials with Peace (Pt.2)

My last "Walking Through Trials with Peace" post, I mentioned that I was going through some health issues. Well, I have good news. I will share my short story first...

I went for my annual GYN exam in August. Since turning 40 in April, my doctor informed me it  was time for my annual mammograms. I agreed. No big deal, right? When the scheduler informed me that my appointment was going to be Sept. 25 I gladly accepted as it's my BFF's 40th Birthday. I wanted to do this for her because she has been fussing at me for a few years about getting one. She too has had a scare last year with a questionable mammogram that ended with a benign report. Praise God 10 MINUTES! Plus, let me add, her mother has been breast cancer free for 5 years now! Woo Hoo, Thank you, Jesus!

My appointment was not bad at all. Nothing like all the crazy signs and sayings I've seen on Pinterest or Facebook. The technician informed me that they may want to call me back for a second test as this was my baseline. She made it sound like this was the norm. I think she was trying to prepare me for what lay ahead as she has "been there, done that" with other patients whose mammograms were positive.

So when they called me back the next day, I knew something was wrong. She told me that they would give me a call in about a week. With my heart beating out of my chest, I arrived for my second mamo the following Monday. The technician was kind enough to show me on the screen which area was of their concern. She informed me there was a cluster of microcalcifications. That didn't sound good to me. Still believing that God is for me and that He was not going to allow anything to happen to me that wouldn't sooner or later bring him glory. I was however, discombobbulated with the idea that I could possibly have "breast cancer". There is no history of breast cancer in my family. Not to mention, I breast fed 3 kids for 4 yrs. If the statistic "Breast cancer is reduced 33% every time you breast feed" is true, I have a 99% chance that I will not have breast cancer. No matter what, I was going to move forward and praise God no matter what!

The next day, which happened to be my 19th wedding anniversary, my GYN nurse informed me that my doctor wanted to send me to a general surgeon. (That was the worst visit I've ever experienced. I will spare you the details.) The general surgeon informed me that he wanted to do a stereotactic biopsy. Ok, that sounds easy enough, right? A week later, I finally make it to the hospital for my biospy. That was not a walk in the park, but not too bad either. A lot easier than having a baby for sure!

Do you know what the hardest thing was? It was not the biopsy,  possibly facing chemo, mastectomy or even death. It was facing my kids. Seeing them struggle with that disease and what it could possibly to do me.  I just couldn't bare it. I do not in any way want them to suffer. We, Lynn and I, decided not to tell them until we knew exactly what we are facing. We knew that our son would be able to handle the news a lot better than our daughters.

Just to get right down to it. The biopsy results came back and it's BEGIGN! Talk about getting our praise on?! I can't thank Him enough. My next step is to have another mammogram in 6 months to watch for any changes.

God is definitely good and knows what He is doing. I love Him much more today that I did yesterday. I will forever praise HIM!

Celebrate with me by having your mammogram if you have not done so and encourage those in your life to do so as well! Don't just do it for me, do it for those who love you so much.

Thank you, Jesus for giving me your peace during the "waiting time" that passes all understanding!

~dee dee~

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