Monday, April 16, 2012

Monogrammed Door Mat

UPDATE 4/28/2014- These door mats are available for purchase with your initials, sports team, message etc from my Etsy store for only $30.00 at White Sand Creations

I've had these door mats for a while now. I've been wanting to do something to spruce them up and couldn't come up with anything until now. So here's what I've done! Hold your goose 'cause these are way too cute!

I took a plain mat and cut out our initials using my Cricut. My husband's first initial, our last initial and then my first initial. I used the monogram initial font.

I used the negative and covered the rest of the rug thoroughly to prevent overspray.

I choose Valspar black spray paint from Lowes. This process must be done quickly because drying causes the vinyl to curl.

Here you can see where the vinyl curled when the paint dryed.
Here is the finished product. I placed one at my front door and one at my side door.
I have loved these so much, I kept going back to my doors to look at them. I've gotten several comments about how cute they are. I really like the fact that their is no one else with a door mat like mine, unless you have the same initials!

FYI- Did you know according to etiquette, that the man's initials are to appear first, then the last name initial then the female's initials.

                                                           ~Dee Dee~

June 18, 2013 UPDATE:
As of today, I've had to touch up both mats. Because the mats are raised in some areas some of the paint has worn off. I just used a very large black Sharpie marker to color in those spots. They look new again. I've had many comments both on and off line about my mats. I've enjoyed them immensely.  

July 13, 2013 UPDATE:
Thanks to a reader, I'm reminded that Cricut no longer has a contract with Sure Cuts a Lot. I noticed this came about when Cricut came out with the Gypsy. If anyone has any other suggestions on how they can cut without using a cartridge, please feel free to share. I'm curious!


SherilinR said...

i never liked that initial rule about the man's name coming first.
the doormats are very cute! i'm glad you have a house with doors for putting mats these days!

Seanne said...

I was wondering what cartridge you used to do the font?

Amanda Asbell said...

Yes, that was my question too!
What cartridge for the Cricut?

The Blue Frog Crafts said...

Hi, I have the same question, what cartridge did you use?

Betsy Madson said...

Yes please tell us cartridge

Elizabeth @Port Of Thoughts said...

Also wondering what cartridge you used and wondering how the paint has held up with weathering and wear.

Dee Dee Huey said...

I did not use a cartridge. I use the program Sure Cuts A Lot with my Cricut. I downloaded the "Monogram" font. At this time, I do not remember which website I got this font from. My most favorite free font site is You could do a search for the monogram font.

Marlee said...

Sure Cuts A lot no longer sells software compatible with Cricut :( I wonder why...

Marlee said...

Sure Cuts A lot no longer sells software compatible with Cricut :( I wonder why...

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