Monday, November 10, 2008

"Thankful For"...Freedom to Homeschool

I LOVE HOMESCHOOL!! I never thought that I would say that. But God has done a number in my heart. A complete change. I have gone from not being able to wait til my kids went to school so they could get out of my hair; to me actually loving to be with them. Those who've known me since childhood can't attest to that fact that I didn't like kids. I have seen my kids grow and mature in ways that I could never imagine. To see them play with kids and be able to encourage others to act right and fair has been a huge blessing. God called us to do this and he has really blessed our obedience.(This is our 4th year) I love the fact that I get to customize their education. All 3 of them are so different and learn in different ways. Plus, I get the education that I didn't get as a child. I remind myself daily that my worst day has got to better than a public/private school good day. I thank God for helping me think outside the box. He has lead and guided me every step of the way, just like he said that he will do. I depend on him more than ever, now. He has provided every need that we've had, in homeschool or else where. I thank God for the lessons that we learn from each other. I mess up and I can go to my kids and let them know. They forgive and we keep trucking on. They have made me better in ways they will probably never know. Because of my love for them, I am driven to be a better person and mom.

Most of all I thank God for the freedom that I have right now to homeschool. I pray that God will protect that. The new president elect is against parents choosing which school their child attends ...public or private. But if worse comes to worse and my kids have to go to a public school, I know that it will not be the end of the world and as least they have gotten a good foundation in Jesus Christ in their homeschool. Thank you Jesus that your miracles never cease. You really knew what you were doing when you asked me to homeschool the children that you have blessed me with.

If you ever have any questions about homeschooling, I would love to asnwer them and help you get started.


Sara Beth said...

AMEN! I totally agree! I have homeschooled my oldest dd for 9 years now and i could not imagine it any other way!

jennykate77 said...

That's awesome! What a blessing that is to be able to homeschool your children and teach them in the ways of the Lord! I'll be praying you are able to continue to do so. I've often thought of homeschooling Isaiah. God would really have to do some miracles for that to happen, but NOTHING is too big for Him, right?!

Miranda said...

Kudos!!! Great have done a great job with the kids. LYLAS

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