Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get acorns and throw them in our yard.

Last Monday, I had taken my son to boy scouts on the other side of town. My girls had to go with me since their dad was at work. The meeting was at a different church than usual. Behind the church was a small playground, ball field and lots of oak trees. Well, on the ground under the oak trees where more acorns that I have ever seen in my life. Which really says a lot if you knew how many oak trees I grow up living under. At least 15 in our small yard. So acorns was not a new thing to me. What was so eye catching was how many were on the ground. There were millions. Really! I've never seen so many on the ground before. As I stood there and watched the girls play. I began an acorn fight like we used to do as kids. I just kept talking to the girls about how many acorns were on the ground. I was really astounded to say the least.

Well on Tuesday we were working at our church's pumpkin patch selling pumpkins. I took my Farmer's Almanac, which I love to read. (Corney I know) But in the almanac it said that if you have a lot of acorns on the ground then you will have a big snow that winter. Weeeellllll, I just about freaked. I screamed for Madison and told her what I had read and she said that we needed to go back to the church and get some acorns and throw them in our yard. I about fell out of my seat. See, we don't have any trees in our yard. So of course, we don't have acorns. And like any child, she wants to have a big snow. I just explained to her that we would get a big snow in our yard even if we didn't have acorns in our yard, that the almanac meant that for the whole city/area. And I continued to tell her that there were a lot of acorns on the ground every where in Chattanooga. So far, the almanac has been right on everything that I have tested. This will be another big test.

I still LOL everytime I think about that comment. I knew that ya'll would enjoy that story as well. So, we will see about the big snow. Forecasters have been saying that Chattanooga is way past due on a big snow. I just hope that we will be ready when it does come. I plan on emailing our favorite weather man and asking him about the Farmer's almanac's predictions. And of course, you all will know if we get any snow, period.

I would love to hear your comments so that I can share them with my Madison.

Be blessed, in Jesus name.


Miranda said...

How funny...Ask her to send me some, please? Emily would die to have snow. It would be fun if we could plan to be there during a snow.

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Your GUSHINESS made me smile.

Mama Hue Baby said...

I'm so glad that you have decided to join the blogging commune. You have inspired me to blog more. I didn't know what I could blog about every day, but now I've got to many ideas, I can't keep up with them. This will be lots of fun.

Miranda said...

Good good...I am asking all of my blog friends, you could put the word out to yours and they theirs. I thought it would be cool to take the whole month of November and along with our daily blogs be sure to incorporate a daily Thanksgiving. At the end of the month we will have all shared thirty things we are thankful for. I think it could be inspiring to all of us. What ya think?

Mama Hue Baby said...

I love that Idea. I do have some blogfriends. I will definitely share taht idea with them. The kids can help too.

mom2dixiechirps said...

That is hysterical! What a cute story! You'll remember that one forever...especially if it does snow! When I first began reading your post, I couldn't wait to tell you what the folklore is for lots of acorns! Then as I read found out on your own! I too love Farmer's Almanacs!
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!!!

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