Monday, October 20, 2008

Dylen's Puppet-"UPS Man"

So this is the UPS Man. It's Dylen's stick puppet made from a plastic spoon. He has a mohawk from a small black feather boa. He has arms and legs from pipe cleaners. Dylen spray painted a shoe box for his truck and then constructed a wheel out of pipe cleaners as well. He is almost finished earning his Arrow of Light badge. Once he does that he will officially be a Boy Scout. In the boy scouts, you are not a boy scout until you are about 11. You have to go thru cubs, bears, tigers, something else and then 2 years of Webelos. Which is what he is in now, his second year. For the past month he has been studying puppets and how they are made. We went to a puppet show. The most professional I have ever seen. It was really good. Chattanooga is so full of the arts. Then the guys had to contruct their puppet by hand and write a puppet play. They rehearsed it tonight. They will perform it next week in front of the entire pack. Which will be all the boys in our homeschool troop 3280. It's about 60 boys. The compiled several stories with puppets from the 3 goats, with the incredible hulk, Jack and the bean stalk, Elmo, a UPS man, gingerbread man and others I can not remember. I will keep you all posted on how well their show went. I will include an updated picture as well.

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Miranda said...

Too seems he drastically changes every time I see him. All are growing up too fast. Love the UPS man. Tell him if I were close enough, I would love to come to his puppet show.

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