Friday, September 5, 2008

My Dear Husband - Daddy Hue Baby

This is my dear hubby Lynn. A few years ago he felt the Lord pulling him toward the nursing field. After much time in prayer, he has chosen to follow and is now in nursing school. It was a tough decision for him as he is the main provider. God has been more than good to us. We have never gone without. You will never see the righteous forsaken and begging for bread. Anything that we have ever needed has always been provided with extra left over. God's promises have been right with us. He said he would give back to us pressed down shaken together and running over. We are still hanging on to those promises. When we have a need, we just ask our Heavenly Father and he provides.
I am so proud of Lynn for being obedient. He has worked hard and still to this day holds a 3.7 GPA. It has been God that has helped and sustained him. Even here in this picture, he looks very tired but he always has the energy to keep pushing. So for those who think that they are too old to go back to school, don't believe that lie any more. If my husband can do it at 38 with a wife, 3 kids and a job, then you can too.
So if you know my husband, will you please send him words of encouragement. We all need those every once in a while. He would love to hear from you.
I will keep you posted on his progress. I already have some really funny stories to share. His projected graduation date is May 2010. It will be here before we know it.
Love to all,

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