Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Galaxy Lite Review

I've had the Android 1.1 for three years.  It was the best phone I've ever had.  I've never owned an iPhone. I really don't care too.  I'm not the kind of gal that has to have the latest or the best of the best of anything.  Actually I prefer to buy used stuff (except undies,  ooh, that's gross).

About a few weeks ago I dropped my phone and several black lines appeared on the screen but I could still use it.  After dropping it a few more times the screen finally went black except about an inch of the top. I didn't have insurance so I couldn't get a new one.  I tried using the phone  but could only answer calls. No calling out or texting.  After about a week or more I finally got a new one. My husband and I weren't really sure which one we were gonna get.  We contemplated leaving At&t and ending our 10 year contract.  We looked into the Wal-Mart family plan.  We ended up switching to T Mobile.  We were able to buy 3 New phones and get a less expensive monthly plan.  Over all we will be saving approximately $90.00 a month on 3 phones.  Heck yea!  That's $90.00 more a month we will put towards paying down our debt.  But I'm not talking about our T Mobile plan or our Financial Freedom journey here.  This post is really to brag about how awesome my new Galaxy Lite is!

It's the Galaxy Lite. 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Android system.  It does everything my computer will do and more.  The touch screen is super sensitive and very easy to use and measures 5.5".  Android has come a long way with their apps.  There are so many apps available.  Just think of it and they have it.  Browse around and you will find apps you didn't know you needed.  The phone with apps and widgets already. As a matter of fact, I'm writing this blog post right from my phone.  And I'm using the keyboard swipe system which is super easy. (No texting thumbs here)

Here are a few apps I've added. ..
Voice search (my favorite)
Everything Google. .. maps, gmail,       Google +, translator etc. 
The Old School Magazine (homeschool)
And many more I can't think of.  Of course there is Twitter and Facebook which I do not do.

I'm certainly not a professional reviewer and don't know much about phones and all of their working systems. I will say this, I've used my sister's and mother's iPhones and to me they are more difficult to use than my Android. Some might say because I've been using and Android for a few years now.  This could be true. Who knows!  That's my story and experience and I'm sticking to it. So if you are hung up on whether or not to get an Android or an iPhone for the money and ease of use, hands down, I say a Galaxy Lite. 

♡dee dee♡

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way receiving any kicks backs, advertising, monies or the like for my review. 

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