Monday, August 5, 2013

My Favorite {Homeschool} Online Magazine

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about one of my favorite homeschool blogs. You can read more here.

Well, today's feature is a website that is a homeschool online magazine. Meaning, it first started out as a magazine that you subscribed to and they delivered it to your door the old fashion way...snail mail. If you are like me, I still prefer to get newsletters and magazines in the mail. There is just something about the smell and the feel of a good read in your hands.

Now, they are online. The website is...The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! You can subscribe to their magazine for FREE online. I just love FREE, don't you? Since it's free, you just read the whole issue straight from your computer or from you phone at your convenience. (I have a secret...I hide under my covers at night and read their issue from my phone)

They have the best writers and editors. The magazine is filled with encouragement, ideas, trouble shooting, curriculum, scheduling, planners and lots more. God has used this magazine so many times in my life to answer my homeschool prayers. When I've needed encouragement, it's been there. When I needed curriculum advice, it's been there. When I was struggling with an idea or whether or not to send my high schooler to public school, the answer was there.

I hope this magazine ministers to you as much as it has to me and that you will share it with a friend.

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