Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our New (to us) Used SUV

We got a new but used car. Or actually an SUV. After praying, researching and looking for a used car for about a year we finally found the car that God had for us. Yes, we believe that God has great plans for us (Jer. 29:11) He knows our future and we kept praying that He would lead us to the car He had for us.

After our only car died (read more in my previous post...Total Money Makeover Update #2) We were forced to get one immediately. So to Consumer Reports I went. You can get a monthly membership for $6.95 and can cancel at anytime. They suggested several used SUVs so I online shopping. One of the SUVs they suggested was a Toyota Highlander. I did a Google search and found a 2005 with only 42K miles and for only $13,852. I emailed the dealership to inquire whether or not the mileage was a typo. (I've had this happen to me before) A car salesman returned my call and informed me that it was no mistake. I told him we would be there by 5:30 p.m. for a test drive.

Would you believe me if I told you that it had been sitting for so long that the battery was dead. They had to jump the thing off. "Red flag"! I thought, there is no way I'm buying this SUV. Someone had traded it in in April and so it had been sitting. I couldn't believe that no one was interested in this car and that it had been sitting here for that long. Then the Holy Spirit assured me that everything was o.k. and reminded me that I had asked Him to lead us to the right car for us.

We drove it and boy did we like it...A LOT! I couldn't believe how well it drove. We had test driven other new and used cars in the past 6 months and none compared to this one.

While we were sitting inside waiting for the salesman to bring us the final price, I kept praying that God would give me the peace I needed to know that this is what He wanted for us. I tried to make up the most perfect scenario of purchasing a used car from a dealership. I couldn't come up with a better one. An 8 almost 9 y.o. vehicle with only 42K miles and $4000 under suggested resale price. Plus it was a vehicle that had excellent ratings all across the board from Consumer Reports, a company we've used and have trusted for many years.

I was feeling so anxious and nervous that I was jittery and nauseated. I even asked my sister before we got to the dealership to please pray for me cause I thought I was going to throw up. She just reassured me that God was in control and that He would give me peace when we found the right car and to just enjoy the journey, which is what God has been speaking to me for several months. 

As I sit waiting for that peace, our salesman said "If this is the right car, you will have peace". Really?! I wasn't expecting that. In a few minutes it did just that...came like a warm blanket. My thinking, nerves and emotions just come to a complete halt. I knew then that God was with us and this was what He wanted. I even spoke to Lynn about what he was feeling. He was at complete peace from the beginning. He doesn't get in knots like a do.

By Friday midday, our financing came through and we were proud owners of a 2005 Toyota Highlander for $13,100 with GAP insurance and a 3 yr/36K bumper to bumper warranty. It already had new tires and rims. It was the most smoothest transaction ever. If this was God plan, which I know it was, then it's up to Him to help us make the payments. Which I know He will. This was not something I wanted, but it's something that He wanted.

To top it all off, we made such a huge Kingdom connection with our salesman, that it made the enemy mad. I had the weirdest of dreams Thursday night (Which was the night we test drove the SUV). He is the one of the first persons we've met that has the same thoughts, ideas and convictions about Christianity, the church and our heavenly Father. God is so sneaky. He's been so sneaky so many times in our lives that we have given Him a nickname of "Jehovah Sneaky"

This transaction was multifaceted. Which is how our Father works. It was a "WIN-WIN" situation for all.

Our New 2005 Toyota Highlander

Stay safe and live debt free!
~dee dee~


lola davis said...

Thanks for sharing! This page was very informative and I enjoyed it. used SUV Carver MA

Ashely Redden said...

When you think you found the one, you will feel the connection. I think this was what you had when you purchase your new baby. It doesn’t matter if it’s only secondhand. As long as it satisfies your driving, you won’t need to look for another.

Asheley @Infinitiofannabor.com

Sarah Erwin said...

What an inspirational story! I know how hard it is to lose your car when you needed it the most. However, you're pretty lucky to find the prefect SUV soon after. It's been a while now; how's it holding up?

Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru

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