Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Homeschool {Planner}

I love to organize. I mean everything. I can kinda go overboard with it. The frustrating thing is I'm just about the only person in the house that likes to. I've learned to deal with the fact that things are not always going to stay in there place once I put it there. That's just a fact of life. However, I have found one thing that I can organize that will stay where I put it. That's TIME. It's very important to me as a manager of my home to organize everyone's time. (Did you know that you are assigned by God to be the manager of your home?) Having our time organized keeps peace in the home. No one has to come to me 100 x's a day asking me what they are suppose to do next so therefore, I'm not as tired. (My DH appreciates that!) The house stays clean because they know which chore they are suppose to do when. They know when they are to wash their clothes, which subjects to do when, etc.

There is a website that I've used since the dawn of our homeschooling days. It has lots and lots of free downloads and printables. From math, graph paper, money, math facts, science art, outlines, nature journals, calendars for chores, bills, family activities, school activities, English, composition, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, household, etc. The website is...

I print off the calendar of my choice, fill in the chore or school assignment and then place it in their binder. Each child has their own binder in which they keep in their own basket. (I also have the room chore hanging in each room. I'll blog about it another day)

Next week, I'll share a desktop calendar that I use for my every day use.

Lord, I pray that every one of my readers will be blessed by you. That their efforts to serve their families will be magnified and spurred on by your Holy Spirit. God grant them the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that you so desire for them to have in order to please you. May their day, home and minds be filled with peace as they seek your will to be the managers of their homes according to Titus 2.  In Jesus name I pray.

~Dee Dee~

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