Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shoes on the wrong feet! Moving to Mobile, AL

Our lives have not been normal for over 9 yrs now. We have been functional and somewhat productive on the outside. Have you ever put your shoes on the wrong feet? We've all done that. It feels funny don't it? You can feel shoes on your feet, but when you start to move in them and take a step forward, something just don' feel right. Your feet still get you somewhere. And as you walk, you know that it does not feel right, but you don't take the time to fix them. Or maybe you don't even realize that you have them on wrong. But you keep going. After a while, you began to get sores, bruises, blisters, corns and callouses. You develop a limp and start to walk funny. You might even favor a side.

There is this little 3 yr old boy in our neighborhood. Precious as can be. He loves to dress himself. I don't think I have ever seen him put his shoes on the right feet. I've even pointed it out to him and asked him if he would like for me to help him put his shoes on the right feet. But he politely says "NO" and goes about playing. It really is spectacular to watch a child in the midst of learning to care for himself. That is a time to worship our creator.

So along our journey in Chattanooga, we've discovered that we have our shoes on the wrong feet. So what do we do? We just tried on another pair. That does not work, so we tried another pair. Well, that didn't work either, so guess what? You are right, We tried on another pair. And each time we tried them on, we continued to put them on the wrong feet.

Have you ever been disgusted with something or someone and didn't let them know about it? You didn't confront them? So, you left them alone and found another friend. But then you found yourself in the same situation and did the same thing as before. You just left them alone. Before you know it, you've left 3 or 4 really good friends just flapping in the wind like some old dirty underwear.

How about a church? Have your ever tried another church because you didn't like what the preacher said on Sunday? Maybe you didn't agree with the way they handled a situation that involved you. Maybe there was a lot of gossiping and very little praying. Maybe it was filled with religion, rules, elitism and programs. That maybe a legitimate reason for leaving. But anyway, you found yourself church hopping.

We did! We church hopped (changed shoes), job hopped (changed shoes), school hopped (changed shoes) and even did some friend hopping(changed shoes again). Let me add here that there are some unhealthy friendships that you need to seek God's wisdom about. You may have to walk away from those unhealthy relationships. Back to my story. We were trying on other shoes and still putting them on the wrong foot. But you know what? I would not trade that for the world. We have learned so much about ourselves, each other and our children. God has not pulled us out of some situations so that we can be taught of him. There is no price for that.

In the end, we just took our shoes off and we didn't wear any shoes at all. Our feet got torn, bruised, blistered, cut, bumped, stepped on, dirtied, calloused and corned. We humbly came to Jesus, confessed our sins, accepted His forgiveness, gave forgiveness to each other and stood face to face with Him. God arrested my husband during a revival in September 2009. I mean seriously arrested him. He layed out in the floor for hours that week. God was cleaning him up, doctoring his sores, restoring his feet or should I say, his walk. Healing him completely. I knew what was going on and because it was an answered prayer to see my husband laying with God, it was healing to me. God put a new fire in us that week. He also brought some seeds forth that he had deposited many yeas ago.

Now, God has put a brand new pair of shoes on both our feet. And they are on the right foot. He didn't put shoes on dirtied, calloused, bruised and blistered feet. He didn't put old shoes on clean healthy feet. He didn't put the wrong shoes on the right feet or put the right shoes on the wrong feet. He has put a specially made pair of shoes for my husband's feet and a specially made pair of shoes on my feet. (Guess what? my shoes match my honey's, but fit my feet perfectly! I just love that)

What I'm trying to say is that after 7 yrs of a long slow learnin sabatical, we are joining forces with God like never before. We are moving forward stronger than we ever have before. We are returning to the ministry. God has laid Mobile, AL on our hearts. We don't know why Mobile. We wouldn't care if it was New York, Spokane, Little Rock or Las Vegas. We will go where ever He sends us. We are more that exstatic that it is my hometown. I get to be with my family again. I have missed them more than words can say and I know they feel the same way.

We have a passion for the lost. We also have a burden for a generation that is willing to stand up and take back what the enemy has stolen. We are not looking for any wimps. A generation that is ready to take their place in the Kingdom with faith and boldness. A generation that wants to be His hands and feet and get dirty doing it. A generation that will worship foolishly before their Father. A generation that is filled with the Holy Spirit. A generation that will love the Lord God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and love their neighbor as we love ourselves so that the world will know that we belong to the one and only Jesus Christ. We are not playing games and are tired of wasting time. Jesus Christ is coming back really really soon. And he is looking for a bride that is willing to obey His word and His spoken command with out fear or question. A bride that is spotless.

So, we will be starting a new church somewhere in Mobile. More than likely in West Mobile. We need to get to the city and do some major praying to find out for certain where God wants us. A well as meet the people that God has lined up to help us. I know what you are thinking..."Another church?" "Mobile does not need another church!" I thought the same thing. But who am I to question God. When he says do something, we just do it right?

We will obey his first instruction to us and that is move. We will be moving Dec. 16th. Just in time for the holidays and just in time for the In The Midst New Year's gathering. In the meantime, please be in prayer for us. Our current prayer request and needs are finances, wisdom and devine revelation and appointments.

I hope to keep you posted in the up coming weeks. Thanks to all for all your love and prayers. I'm so excited to see what God is up to. He sure is Jehovah Sneeky!

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Sherilin Riley said...

i didn't know you have a blog! i like your jehovah sneaky!

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