Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Ancestors

Recently, while I was waiting on my dad to come out of another heart cath. I was talking to my Aunt Peggy. She showed me a clipping from a newspaper that talked about the 80th anniversary of my grandmothers brother who died when he was 15. It was really interesting. He passed out on the basketball court and never regained consciousnesses. His name was Ike Prescott. So this took place some time in 1929. I had never heard this story before.

Well this just really sparked my interest even more into my really large family. I don't know much about them except what my mom as mentioned. I began drilling my aunt with many questions. She was so helpful in answering them.

This blog is more for my kids. I want a record of what I have found.

So this is what I have learned so far.

My maternal mother's name is Myrtice Stanley Coaker. Her mother was Eunice QV Prescott Stanley. (QV was really her middle name. It does not stand for anything.)Her mother was Sallie Lou Prescott. (I do not know her maiden name as of now)Sallie married John Isaac Richard Prescott. I love that name. My grandmother Eunice married John Lewis Stanley as her 2nd husband. I am still researching her first husband. I know his last name was Thompson. They had 2 sons. Wildon "Toy" Thompson and Leo Thompson.

Eunice and John Stanley had 4 girls: Johnnie Stanley Head, Peggy Jean Stanley Sumrall, Myrtice Stanley Coaker and Betty Sue Stanley Squires. (I may have some of their names wrong.)

My mother is Myrtice Stanley Coaker.

I was reading earlier that my Grandmother, Eunice, had a brother named Dothan Prescott that died Dec. 24 1956 and was buried at Evergreen Cemetary in Elba, AL. Jan. 1, 1957. My great grandmother, Sallie was buried at Evergreen as well June 6, 1957 at the ripe old age of 84. She was a widow.

I will try to post these names on the online genealogy site if I can remember the name.


Miranda said...

Hey girl...your new blog borders are FABULOUS!! Okay, you've inspired me...I must get back to blogging. I love thea ancesteral (sp?) trail.

Life with the DixieChirps said...

Great info! I've always loved geneology!

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