Thursday, December 4, 2008

Favorite Time of Year

I just love Christmas. It's my most favorite time of year. "WHY", you ask! I'm glad you did. It's a time to be with family and friends that you hold dear. "Time" with me is my love language. If you spend time with me, then I know that you love me. It fills my love tank. But most of all, it's the celebration of our dear Savior's birth. Without Him, life would not be worth living. I really hate what the world has done with commercializing this season. I have to fight hard to not get sucked in. I really like to go to parties. I try to make it to every one. It's making memories that is important to me also. No one will stop me from saying "Merry Christmas". I refuse to be politically correct. My husband has been getting some slack from his work. He has a manager that reminds him to say "Happy Holidays" but he refuses. He is willing to loose his job! I'm proud of him.

Read Luke 2 for the story of Jesus birth.

Merry Christmas

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jennykate77 said...

It is so important to remember the real reason of the season! I love Christmas and everything about it! It's my favorite time of year too☺

Hope you have a great Friday!

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