Monday, November 3, 2008

House Keeping Tip

OK, here's a short house keeping tip. Notice I said House KEEPING. I can't remember where I learned this from. But anyway... You should throw away at least 10 things a day. This helps to cut down on clutter. Me, I have no problem throwing things away. My children go through so much paper it ain't funny. If it's old worn out underwear, that thing in your fridge that used to be meatloaf, a broken toy, (Shh don't tell your kids). Whatever it might be. Throw it away. You will be amazed at how things begin to collect if you don't stay on top of it. Hope this helps. Happy house keeping :)


Miranda said...

Okay...I am not so good at that, but will try to be better.

Love your blog page. The background looks great. You've got one up on me. I could not figure out how to get a background into my page. I know where to get it just could not make it work. You will have to help.

Love ya lots!

flip flops and pearls said...

OMGosh!! Love this idea!!

Found you via Miranda:)

I have been on this major decluttering/organizing quest & this idea tickles me to death, lol

Dee Dee said...

Thank you flip flops and pearls. I love the name of your blog. That is so suthin'. I'm glad I could help.

Christy said...

Came by from Jennykate, Great tip, Im gonna have to work on that!
I love the rest of your blog too, I am now a follower so I can keep up with your thankful post. It was just the verse I needed to read today!

liz said...

I like this one. Occasionally I implement it.

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