Friday, October 31, 2008

These Shoes Aren't Made for Walking

Well Ladies, it's time to say goodbye to my most favorite shoe in the whole wide world. I'm sure there are some of you who've been there and done that. As you see the pics of these shoes, you will know why. As many of you may know me, I'm not big on material things. I'm blessed and make the best of what I have. But these shoes are my most favorite thing. I have had them for so long I don't remember when or where I got them. I mostly wear them from fall to late spring. (They made my feet sweat too bad in the summer) They were the most comfortable shoes I have put on, until I found Chacos. I have walked hundreds of miles in these shoes. I looked forward to wearing them every year. They were my everyday shoe. They would go great with almost anything.

However, Sunday afternoon on our way in to church, I felt a pop. To my dismay, my shoe just busted. I didn't know what else to do. It really wasn't that noticable, so I just continued to wear them the rest of the night. After getting home and inspecting, I noticed that my right shoe as well had a split across the center. Neither shoe can be repaired. Well, you think, "No big deal, just get another pair". It's not that simple. I've gone through many shoes and had to throw them away but I just couldn't do that with this pair. We've gone through too much together. I still have been wearing them around the house. (I can't believe I just said that)

So, I came up with the idea to take pictures and blog about my loss. Whoa and behold, I feel much better. (That and I figured you all would get a kick out of it, No pun intended) I think I can get rid of them. I guess this is my way of saying goodbye. I've had my pitty party, now it's time to move on. I am now on a hunt for some more black clogs made by Clarke. Thanks for helping me say goodbye.


Miranda said...

Soooo sad!!!...what's was so ironic is the sond "Unfailing Love" was playing on your blog site while I was reading about these shoes that have taken you an many a mile. Hence, the unfailing love you and your shoes had. HA!. Lyrics in the song being, "Oh holy one, unfailing love". Or is WHOLY one. THIS IS SICK!! Glad I could help you say goodbye...oh what you put me through!!

Mama Hue Baby said...

That is just hilarious. I didn't plan that and really couldn't have if I wanted to. I'm working on another one.

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