Monday, July 8, 2013

Ivy Lynn {Baby} Cocoon and Beanie

I am so excited to introduce to you and designed by me, the very new ...

"Ivy Lynn" Baby Cocoon and Beanie "

This baby cocoon is basically a sack that snuggles your baby gently. Babies long for that womb comfort and what better way to give them what they need by placing them in their very own baby cocoon. 
Have a fussy baby? Put her in this cocoon and watch how she calms down almost immediately.

When my children were babies and got fussy, my mom would always tell me to wrap them tightly in a baby blanket. It never failed! That old trick worked every time. (Unless they were hungry or dirty)

This cocoon is adorned with crochet flowers and is made with the softest cotton worsted yarns. It is very safe for your new blessing. It can be hand or machine washed on gentle cycle using your favorite baby detergent. Cocoon measures approximately 17"long x 12" wide and can be stretched to fit.

The beanie is also adorned with 2 stacking crocheted flowers, is striped to match the cocoon and finished off with a shell trim. It is made with the same soft yarns and measures approximately 11-13" in diameter.

This item is "place to order" only.  

A special thanks to my friend, Stevie for sharing with me her absolutely beautiful daughter in which this cocoon is her name sake...Ivy Lynn.

I welcome comments as this is my first posting that includes a purchase. See any errors or needed improvements? Please let me know.

Watch for more upcoming baby cocoons and beanies!

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