Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lryical Letters New Products

With much prayer, God has led me to an incredible source where we can carry merchandise.  Lyrical Letters has just introduced a new line of products. These products are available for viewing and ordering at or by emailing me at This is only temporary as is down for updating. (That sounds kinda weird saying it like that, ha!)

We will be carrying any product that can be personalized. That is, if you wish. Such items include: (Scroll down to view pictures)

Handbags                                Tumblers                             Coffee mugs
Sports Bottles                         Cowboy Rain boots             Houndstooth Accessories (RTR)
Auburn Accessories (other colleges as well)
Watches                                  Jewelry                                Baby items (bibs, bloomers, diaper bags)
Kids and toddlers (sippy cups and neat snacks holders, back packs)
Wedding gifts                          Car tags
Fluer De Lis accessories (You don't have to be a Saints fan to appreciate this nice stuff)
Buckets                                   Laptop bags                        Cake Carriers

 Most items carry a $5.95 personalization charge. But as I mentioned earlier, personalization is an option.

Also, you can shop on my Lyrical Letters Facebook page. Click on the tab at the top "Shop Now" and it will take you to a shopping page. Just follow the drop down menus to place your order view email and PayPal.

I am so excited about offering so many more items to my customers. You all have been so great and I feel this is just a way of saying thank you for being so loyal. I love to design and decorate things for you. You make my job so much fun.  Besides, who said you couldn't have boutique beauties at your manicured fingertips at discount prices? Well, shop Lyrical Letters and you will find out that you can.

Be sure to refer a friend and receive a coupon via email. Also, be sure to follow my blog or be-friend me on Facebook to hear about the latest merchandise as well as any specials or coupons.

Now for those pictures I promised you...

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