Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Music

Well, some of you that know me well know that I really like music and movies. We listen to all kinds, some good and some not so good. We keep our minds open to all sorts, looking for new music. Well, I had heard about an independent movie (We like independent films) called "Once", so I ordered it from Netflix. It was about a man and a women that met and ended up having the same love for music. He played the guitar and she the piano. They were both very good. Lynn and I especially liked that since he plays the guitar and I the piano. (Not as well as the actors)

They both wrote music and ended up writing some together. We just loved the different sounds that they were able to put together using those 2 different instruments. We found out that his name is Glen Hansard and her is Marketa Irglova. I can't remember which country they are from, but it is not America. I don't know much more about them. I don't know if they are married to each other. I did however see them on a GMA show not too long ago. The song they played captured my heart. It was "Falling Slowly".

I have added their music to my blog for your enjoymnet. Let me know what you think!

Have I told you lately that I love ya, well, I DO! :)

Since watching the show, we have been able to find their music on (One of our favorite places to listen to live streaming music for free). I have not been able to play with Lynn yet because of him working so much, but I have managed to pick out and play my favorite song "Falling Slowly".

If you don't watch many independent films, I encourage you to do so. They are not the top quality stuff as the blockbuster movies, but they have great plots. Let me give you some caution, "Once" was rated R for language. If you have a "curser" which my kids call it, you know one of those machines or DVD players that will bleep out all the curse words for you, then you definitely need to see this movie just for the music.

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