Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Thankful For"...My Children

Me, Em, Cherry and Dill Pickle
Sunset Rock on Lookout Mtn, TN. 11/04/2008
I am so thankful that God has chosen me to be the mom of these three wonderful children. It has not been easy. I have my ups and downs as mom and homeschool parent. I think God puts you in uneasy positions so that you will go to him for help. And yes, that works with me. They keep me on my knees and they are not even teenagers yet. (I keep praying that Jesus will come back before they become teenagers. It just might happen)
Dill Pickle is 200% boy, if that's possible. He's my wiggle willie. I think he might even be ADD. Not sure. I know he is always distracted and is distracting. He challenges me to become better at everything I do. My toughest job with him is to keep him challenged. He is so darn smart. He loves to figure things out on his own. And his comprehension in just impeckable. Give him something to play with while I read a story and he just about can tell it back word for word. He remembers things I don't. He is involved with our local homeschool boyscouts as a 2nd yr webelos. He is on his way to getting his black belt in Ishyru karate and is the video/sound engineer for the children's ministry at our church. You can tell he just loves life.
My Em, is passionate about anything girlie. She is a princess at heart. She's my perfect paula. She wants to own her own salon one day and design clothes. I have to go to her for clothing ideas. She knows what's in. She loves to be with her friends. She will come up with a reason to have a party. Have you seen my blog about our High School Musical Slumber Party. If not, check it out below. She definitely has the gift of helps and loves to give things to people. I wished she could stay so cute, sweet and innocent forever. I just love this age.
My Cherry is my social susy. She is so much like both her sister and brother. Itsn't that weird. She loves girlie stuff but boy she can get dirty and hang out with the bugs and boys. You should see the boys in the neighborhood. They follow her around. She has them wrapped around her finger. They're usually after a bug or lizard she has in her hands. I also call her my sticky fingers. She always has a way of finding things and moving things around. If we've ever lost something, we can go to her room and find it there. She has a wild imagination, is very strong willed almost as bad as her brother. She LOVES her daddy. I'm so glad I had her close to her sister. They are really close and do everything together. I pray that they will always have that closeness.
My children are special in their own little way. I don't know what I would do without them. I would not have a reason to get up in the morning if it was not for them. They have changed my life and I would do anything for them. I know God will use them for his kingdom. I'm blessed everyday by them and their close relationship with their dad. Thank you Jesus for my family. You have blessed us with 3 very healthy children.


Miranda said...

I love the post...those three are wonderful. You are doing a wonderful job with them and you should be very proud of yourself and them. LYLAS

Miranda said...

Tell Dill Pickle I think that is good look for him...LOL

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