Friday, January 9, 2009

Our 14th Wedding Anniversary

Well, I can't believe that we have made it another year. Time is just flying by. God has blessed us and protected us in many ways.
With all the bumps, humps, mountains, tears of sorrow and tears of joy, I am still as happy today to be Mrs. Lynn Huey, III as I was 14 years ago. It's not been easy but with God on our side, we have grown as individuals and as a couple.
As I look back over our wedding pictures, I see how happy we were. Even though our faces show some extra pounds and some time lines. The love that was started 15 years ago has not faded and burns even stronger today. I'm glad that I will (If God willing) get to experience forever with you, Lynn. You are the light of my life and my prince.

I said "I do" 14 years ago (Oct 1, 1994)and I will say "I do" again. No matter what life brings us, I will be his faithful wife. I'm excited about what God will bring to us. He is the creator of the love we share. Without him, none of this would be possible.

"My Everyday Blessing"
Every morning I wake and see, The most handsome man lying next to me. He's the one I cherish and love, A blessing sent from heaven above.I will love him as a faithful wife should, And do everything for him I could.I will let him know everyday,That I love him more than words can say,For the three children we have together... And the love for God in each other.He will keep our love going strong, And the Lord God will guide us away from all wrong.

For the man in my life, I love you more than anything...

As it was 14 years ago, so it is today...

I hold you in my heart for we have shared together God's blessings. Philippians 1:7
-Dee Dee


jennykate77 said...

That's wonderful! 14 years is awesome! Congratulations!

Christy said...


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